Benefits of Digital Signage as an Advertising Medium

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Digital signage has become increasingly popular amongst SME’s across the UK with more affordable costs and easy to use content management systems. It’s not uncommon to see single shops with LED panel displays or a freestanding kiosk advertising a shop location around the corner. There are multiple uses for digital signage and there are a number of other benefits to using it as an advertising medium.

In Store Advertising

Once you own a digital screen, you own an advertising space. Often you will use it to promote your own products, campaigns or discounts – but you can look into selling that space to a company whose product you stock in store. A great example would be shoe stores, who stock a variety of brands, one brand may pay the shoe store a fee to advertise their new range of trainers on the digital display boards inside.

Improved User Shopping Experience

Display boards can act as a great way to enhance the shopping experience of your visitors. Your display panels can play entertaining material that will keep them occupied during waiting.  For Example, a multimedia kiosk in store, could allow users to pick a song from your selection to play whilst they shop.

Employee Training

Digital displays can act as a screen for staff training out of operating hours. This would save on having multiple staff crowd around a laptop or television, large display panels can be used to inform or teach multiple staff at once. One example would be a new point of sale system introduced in store, you could display a tutorial video on your screens to staff so that they can learn quickly and effectively.

Streamline Purchase Process

Multimedia kiosks in store can act as an advertising, ordering and purchasing station. Visitors can enter the store and see an advert for the latest trainer shape. They can then check the store availability for their size and then order one out to try on their feet. Having this option, can improve customer retention as their experience in store was fast and easy.

Digital signage offers many benefits to businesses, not only from an advertising/promotional standpoint but for customer experience and staff training too. Here at Andesign, we provide a range of digital signage options, for enquiries please call us on 0808 129 2272 or email us at