Where digital signage benefits over any other types

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There are many types of signage currently available on the market. With the competition in the retail sector being so fierce, large retail businesses are turning to digital signage to stand out from their competition and make a strong impact with their marketing campaigns.

One of the best properties of digital signage is its visibility. Against traditionally printed display systems such as poster frames, banner stands and flat signage, LCD displays have a distinct advantage. All LCD digital displays are backlit meaning they are their own Lightsource. Rather than relying on environmental lighting make the most of the displays digital signage generates its own light making it visible in the darkest conditions.

Along with the brightness of the displays they are available in a wide range of sizes, from 7in touch screen kiosks to large roadside signage displays spanning over 20 metres where some have been made much bigger such as signs in Piccadilly Circus and Times Square.

The most common large digital display type is the LCD Video Wall. Constructed using multiple LCD Display panels in a grid usually 3x3 or larger. With all the screens being connected to the same source it gives the impression of one large digital display. This type of display is commonly found at exhibitions and brand launches however they are becoming more and more popular in retail outlets.

Larger displays are constructed on a bespoke basis using a modular LCD display and can be constructed to bend and twist to suit the application. These can be seen in large cinema foyers, city centres and large attractions.

Not only are digital signage displays large and bright but they can also play video files. The human eye is attracted to movement in the environment where scientists believe it stems from out time as hunter gatherers giving us the upper hand in hunting for food. This same reaction can be used in advertising displays. Using an animated display will subconsciously attract the customers eye and help your display get noticed easier. Video animations are becoming more and more popular in retail outlets and as backdrops for brand launches to keep the customer engaged for longer imprinting your message. For example, we bet you can remember a television advertisement from last night but can’t remember what was on the billboards you passed in your last car journey?

The biggest advantage of digital displays is the ability to change the displayed message as many times as you would like. Changing the display takes as little as 30seconds meaning the display can be changed as often as you would like. This opens a range of opportunities for your marketing displays. Our distribution software allows for customers to schedule different messages to be displayed at various times of the day and can be used for time sensitive promotions. We have seen this being used for restaurants displaying different menus at separate times of the day, pubs displaying happy-hour promotions or todays chef specials being automatically distributed to all the displays throughout the premises. All this can be controlled using our cloud platform which handles scheduling and multiple campaigns with an easy to use interface.

Save Money

The main attraction for digital signage has been to save money compared to traditional display types. Digital Signage can save money by reducing reprint costs on printed items displaying slightly different messages, reducing man-hours in changed the poster in a poster frame or a banner in a banner frame where the software can do all this autonomously. With multiple displays being able to be displayed on the same day where nationwide campaigns can be controlled from a central location.

Make Money

There has been a steady growth in the adoption in digital signage in the catering industry over the last few years with a noticeable increase in sales. McDonalds displayed an increase in sales of 8% in its drive thru section after the implementation of digital signage. They attributed it to being able to display more of its menu to its customers than by using traditional static displays. 8% not enough? Prime-Burger a fast food chain showed a 50% increase in sales directly after the installation of their new digital signage menus.

Digital signage is a unique marketing medium with all the benefits technology brings and with simple and easy to use tools the management of the displays is easier than ever. Retailers no longer need to worry about poster campaigns reaching the right locations with all the distribution being controlled autonomously. These benefits make digital signage one of the best advertising mediums currently on the market. For more information give our team a call on 0808 129 2272 or email us at sales@andesignuk.com or visit our website at www.andesignds.com.