Digital Signage – A Marketers Guide

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Digital Signage offers marketing teams a plethora of advantages over traditional marketing displays. Their speed and content distribution methods allow changes to be done quickly and efficiently with scheduled changes completed automatically with no human intervention. We take a look at what aspects of digital signage can be used to help marketing teams make the most both their displays and campaigns.

A/B or Split Testing

A/B Testing sometimes referred to as split testing or bucket testing is a controlled experiment with usually two or more variants. Each variant within the test is recorded to evaluate which is the best performing and sound marketing decisions can be made based on the results. This is a common technique with online marketing however it can be easily adapted and included in Digital Signage.

Split testing can be performed on one or more displays over a set period to evaluate which message variant is the highest performing. Marketing decisions can then be made based on the statistical results to maximise sales or performance for other goals.

Timed Adverts

Digital Signage allows the display to be changed as often as you would like with no additional charges. With cloud based automation out digital displays can show different scheduled content throughout the day. With cloud based content distribution, content can be adjusted as many times as you would like without the need to physically visit each display to manually make the changes.

Scheduled content can also be used to automatically update each display to show time based offers or to display adverts for a set amount of time.

React Quickly

Stay on top of trends and react quickly to marketing changes as and when they happen. Our cloud based content platform allows you to roll out changes across all your digital screens in minutes. Latest product offers can be increased or messages can be adjusted when needed with no additional cost.

Print based campaigns would normally require a production and distribution lead time normally requiring a minimum of 2 – 3 days and usually taking over a week to arrive at location. Using cloud based content distribution allows for the update to display within minutes across all locations.

Make Changes – Free of Charge

Ever had a poster printed with the incorrect date and had to have it reprinted? It’s an expensive mistake. Imagine if the poster was delivered to over 400 different locations, each needing a reprint. The cost to rectify this can be in the £000’s.

Cloud Based content distribution can be done quickly and easily and best of all it can be done with no additional cost.

Speed Up

Marketing campaigns can take months to implement. From the design and planning stages through production and distribution over multiple locations.

Digital signage allows campaigns to be rolled out much faster with the removal of production and distribution lead times. Cloud based distribution allows all your digital signage to be updated simultaneously with changes taking only minutes.

Being able to quickly update campaigns gives marketing teams the edge over its competitors being able to react to marketing trends much faster while also reducing costs.

Digital Signage offers many advantages over traditional marketing techniques being able to react faster, with scheduled content display and almost immediate updates being rolled out nationwide. Andesign UK have over 20 years of experience in campaign distribution and our project managers are always willing to help. Give our team a call on 0808 129 2272 or email for more information.