Digital Signage for Exhibitions

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Exhibitions and trade shows are as popular as ever, connecting businesses and customers around the world. Businesses can promote and display their services and their key products and services while customers can easily browse and compare products across many manufacturers or suppliers in a short amount of time.

Exhibitions and trade shows are an excellent way to generate new business leads in a short amount time and an effective and eye-catching display can improve the chances of securing that sale.

Exhibition displays and trade shows often use large printed graphics to attract a customer’s attention and increase the probability of converting an enquiry into a lead. The most common displays at exhibitions include roller banner stands, pop up displays, fabric displays and linear display kits.

Digital signage can be used to boost the visibility of your display with several unique advantages over traditional printed displays.

  1. Animated Displays

Researchers indicate the human eye is tuned to identify movement which stems from our days of being hunter gatherers looking for prey. Using this involuntary reflex users of animated displays can now attract a customer’s attention. A freestanding display can take advantage of this natural reflex by playing animated graphics or displaying a slideshow of still images that change frequently.

  1. Backlit Displays

Printed displays rely on light from their surroundings to be visible. The displays work by reflecting different colours of the light spectrum to the user’s eye. The only problem with this is your displays effectiveness is heavily influenced by the event lighting. In dull areas, artificial lighting may be needed to help make your display visible.

Digital Signage uses LED backlit displays to generate their own light. Easily visible in all environments from direct sunlight through complete darkness, digital displays are unaffected by event lighting.

Our Wall Mount LCD Displays are suitably placed in low light environments and can be situated in direct sunligh.

  1. Updating

Printed displays are static and unless reprinted do not change. With digital signage, you are able to change the message of your display as many time and as often as you would like. You could even schedule certain displays to show at certain times of the day automatically with our digital content management system.

Changing the message of your printed display would require all printed panels to be produced with the new message increasing display costs and lead time as it can take several days for printed panels to be produced.

Digital Signage allows users to update the display graphics quickly and easily with no additional reprint cost or production lead times. This opens up the ability to change your display and react to trends during the event.

  1. Data Capture

Capturing the information of your customers and turning them into sales leads can be a daunting task. Often performed using paper based forms and with sales representatives gathering the information from customers directly the process can be slow and expensive. Once the event finishes the task of inputting all the data collected into a computer based system can be equally expensive and time consuming.

Interactive Digital Signage can do all of this for you. Our interactive tablets can display forms for customers to fill in with their details going directly into a database for easy extraction. A good example of this is to submit your name and email address into a competition to win a prize. Users enter their own details quickly and efficiently.

Additional benefits in this is the reduced amount of sales staff required to run the exhibition display and increased speed of data collection.


Digital signage offers a wide variety of advantages to exhibition displays from increased visibility, attracting involuntary attention, engaging visitors for longer and capturing data at a faster rate than ever before. Including digital signage in your next exhibition can turn your exhibition display into an immediate success.

Andesign Digital Signage can help you find a solution for your next exhibition display. Give our team a call on 0808 129 2272 or email for more information.