Digital Signage Options for Retail Kiosks

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The world of retail has rapidly evolved this century, with emerging technology assisting the customer journey, sales process and staff duties – retail giants have utilised these technologies, such as digital signage to full effect. Whatever your goal is to generate more revenue, increase customer satisfaction or smooth out logistical processes, digital signage can help out tremendously.

Wall mounted static signage is an intelligent use of space, being mounted to the wall it takes up no floor space and can help liven up your wall space. You can display a range of promotional materials on these signs, allowing you to help boost sales of underperforming items or to feature seasonal products. In a food court or restaurant environment, these wall displays can display menu items and in a shopping mall they can feature upcoming events. Wall mounted LCD screens are a great option or wall signage, as they can display vibrant striking images, drawing eyes to whatever it is you’re promoting.

If you have a large open space, a freestanding promotional display is a brilliant option for you. Commonly seen in shopping malls, eye level advertisements are a brilliant way to engage your audience. Free standing LCD panels can display both static imagery and video promotional material, offering you the option to advertise in areas of high footfall.

Interactive Digital Kiosks are increasingly popular within the restaurant industry, with high profile fast food chains employing digital kiosks as interactive menus, ordering and payment systems. There are a number of benefits to using interactive digital kiosks, firstly by having multiple ordering stations away from the main tills, you can reduce waiting times for customers. In a retail environment you can use these interactive stations to allow browsing customers an opportunity to change the song in the store, increasing customer satisfaction and helping customer retention.

Large LCD video walls are a brilliant way to stand out on the high street with attractive and eye catching designs. Suitable for high impact and attractive video footage, large LCD video walls can display vibrant striking images which can draw customers into your store – allowing you to maximise footfall which in turn will lead to greater revenue.

Digital signage has a number of uses within the world of retail, there are a variety of display options to suit your type of business, store space and goals. Here at Andesign UK Ltd, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology within our industry and stock the highest range of LED and LCD screens. For enquiries, please call us on 0808 219 2272 or email us at