Exhibition Trends for 2018

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Many businesses will be starting to launch their marketing strategies for 2018, and part of that is planning their exhibition appearances. Exhibitions have long stood as one of the more prominent ways to promote your business within your industry, and ensuring that you’re up to date with the latest trends can ensure maximum success at your next show.

Creativity and Innovation

Being innovative and creative is a great way to stretch your exhibition budget, we recommend a combination of LED signage, freestanding exhibition displays and soft signage. 2017 saw a faster adoption of LED Digital Signage and with its popularity, we don’t expect the trend to plateau anytime soon:

  • LED Digital Signage offers a unique advantage of several moving graphics that can rotate, allowing you to display offers, product promotion and calls to action on a large vibrant panel.
  • Freestanding exhibition displays offer you a portable and cost effective solution to promoting your brand and products.
  • Soft signage can help brand your display, large PVC panels can cover walls and backdrops so that customers can spot your brand when passing by.

Visitor Engagement

Get creative with your customers and engage with them in interesting games, polls and quizzes. A great way to increase customer engagement is to run a relevant competition while at the exhibition. This is a great way to collect potential customer data, for follow up marketing and further engagement.

Design and Aesthetics

In 2018 there will be more exhibitions per industry than in previous years, and as a result – the event organisers will improve the quality of their shows to attract more delegates, exhibitors and sponsors. Further investment in presentation and design of these shows by event organisers will mean that you face increased competition at these events. To keep up with the competition, look into ways you can dress up your stand with LED Digital Signage, freestanding exhibition displays and soft signage.

Introduction of Digital

The prominence of Apps within the modern marketing world is extremely high, with nearly every product and service provider promoting an app. This technology has made its way into the trade show sphere, with event organisers and exhibitors using apps to support their exhibiting efforts. Apps such as iCapture and Quant help with lead generation, offering you a place to store customer information and an option to integrate with apps such as Mailchimp for follow up marketing.


Exhibitors are noticing that the quality of interactions at shows are extremely important. Offering your visitors a place to sit and something to drink whilst you discuss business will help make those interactions more meaningful. Exhibitors are starting to invest in meeting pods and hot drink stations to facilitate these conversations with potential clients, and as a result gaining more business from these shows.

If you are looking to exhibit at your next show, ensure that you are following the trends, ensuring that you can make the most of your exhibition appearance. Here at Andesign Digital Signage we can offer you a range of materials to make that happen, from LED screens to meeting pods. If you wish to enquire, please contact us on 0808 129 2272 or email us at sales@andesignuk.com.