Future Trends on Digital Signage

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Digital signage has developed exponentially over the last 20 years, and is fast overtaking traditional signage such as static billboards, paper posters and shop signs. Digital screens have also been seen in arcades, in shopping facilities and as a 3D robotic sign for Coca Cola.


Digital Signage Today


LED arcade screens have become increasingly popular, especially for retro games such as space invaders. This is because it offers a unique display which perfectly suits the pixelated graphics of that era, we came across one on our travels and documented it on Facebook.


Magic Mirrors are interactive digital signage screens, which is a mirror image, displayed on a screen through a camera. The interactive images change, for instance make up companies use these so that women can see what a certain colour of lipstick would look like on. These interactive screens allow customers see what they look like with your product on, which will encourage them to buy.


Coca Cola are widely recognised as the most successful and prominent advertiser of the last 50 years, as they constantly push the boundaries of technology within advertisement. They have created a 3d robotic sign, which serves as a three dimensional led surface with thousands of LED cubes. The cubes are programmed to move in a way which created shapes and effects to support the on screen message.


What are the Trends?


We are seeing digital signage pop up everywhere, not only in commercial spaces such as roadside billboards but also in trade and business only areas. Exhibition events are one example, where people are starting to move away from traditional display stands and are promoting through LED display stands. Companies are monetising their LED panels by renting them out as advertising spaces, which leads to more cost effective large digital displays.


What the Future Holds


One of the biggest reasons for an increase in digital signage, especially amongst smaller businesses is a relatively low cost. With increased prominence, and in turn further demand for digital signage, we will see more creativity and innovation.


For instance, supermarkets are gathering data about customers, e.g. trough loyalty schemes. Whenever they visit the self-serve multimedia kiosks they are being shows messages such as “you recently purchased item x, would you like to add it to the basket”. Digital signage will become more prominent in areas such as gaming, like the aforementioned example of Space Invaders. Samsung showcased innovation and creativity at their Galaxy Note 8 launch by using LED panel walls, floors and ceilings to create incredible displays like this. As mentioned before, magic mirror displays incredibly effective at increasing sales and more companies will catch on and invest in them.  


Digital Signage is becoming more prominent in today’s promotional spectrum. Here at Andesign Digital Signage, we provide a range of Digital Displays to suit your business’s needs. To enquire, please call us on 0808 129 2272 or email us at sales@andesignuk.com.