Improving Employee Retention with Digital Signage

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Employee retention is extremely important within businesses. Not only is it a key indicator of morale within the company, the level of employee retention shows how well areas of your business are being managed. There are several businesses principles that need to be adhered to first, to ensure that employees are happy at your company – but we’re focusing on additional measures you can take through the medium of digital signage.


Staff Motivation


Staff motivation is one of the key drivers in employee retention and it is one of the ways in which Digital Signage can support your business.


Displaying news about what’s happening around the company or with employees is one way to motivate staff, if everyone is in the know about big things happening in the company – everyone can equally get involved. Also, staff who are involved in any extra circular activities can expect additional support if their endeavours are shared across display screens within the business. For instance, someone in admin who’s doing a marathon for charity could have their message shared across to other departments such as sales and production and in turn, they may fund her run or join the run itself.


Employee incentives are a brilliant way to keep staff motivated to work hard and hit targets, this should be a staple within any organisation. Digital signage takes this to the next level, whether you choose blanket incentives across all departments, or department specific incentives, you can display items to be won as well as relevant leader boards for it. Live leader boards’ work well in environments such as sales, and create a healthy competition amongst staff, resulting in greater productivity.


Ensuring to keep the tone light hearted is a good way to go, mixing in a little entertainment can create a more pleasant atmosphere to work in. Daily jokes and quiz questions can uplift staff as they come into work, setting them off on the right foot. Congratulating members of staff for different achievements is a good way to support under achieving staff as well as keeping top performers sharp.


Why Choose Digital?


One advantage of digital public displays over traditional methods such as posters and banners, is that you can quickly change the content if need be. Human error is something we can’t avoid, and announcement mistakes can happen whether the wrong location is used, the wrong topic is labelled or even misspelling someone’s name. With digital signage, you can quickly and easily change any public display to avoid any potential embarrassment or signs of unprofessionalism.


Environmental awareness is a critical issue in 2017. With increasing concern around the global climate, as a business it’s important to take measures to help out. You will reduce your carbon footprint significantly, you will use less paper which will save on printing costs. Digital displays are also energy efficient and inexpensive to run once set up.


Digital Signage is incredibly important when it comes to staff motivation, which in turn help to ensure strong employee retention. If you have a need for any digital signage, please call us on 0808 129 2272 or email us at