Increase Sales with Multimedia Displays in a Retail Environment

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Increase Sales with Multimedia Displays in a Retail Environment

Advertising and technology go hand in hand, and with the fast moving world we live in, advertisers are paying a keen eye to the technological advancements in their industry. One such development is multimedia displays. With the advent of multimedia displays, many advertisers have started to ditch more traditional information banners and product catalogues replacing them with multimedia kiosks and touch screen tablets.

Making the switch to Multimedia Displays can have a number of benefits, and the major retailers such as John Lewis, Ikea and Argos have taken full advantage of these and to great effect. Improving customer interactions, reducing customer service enquiries and supporting staff members, these displays are an incredible asset to your company.

Firstly, Multimedia Kiosks are interactive. More traditional information boards such as a food menu have been replaced with self-serve food ordering stations for customers – dramatically reducing wait times. Printed maps in shopping centres have been replaced with interactive maps, showing where you are and how to get to your shop of choice.

Secondly, you can use any design and visual for these multimedia kiosks and they can be edited and changed as needed. It also creates a smooth ordering process by linking with payment systems which can support staff throughout busy periods.

Another new feature that has taken retailers by storm, is the industry wide increase in use of touch screen tablets. These standalone tablets can be used as a product catalogue, for ordering or even product customisation.

With safety features in place, these standalone tablets can be placed at the front of your store, available for customers to use. This way they can view promotional videos, browse featured items and settle any enquiries they may have with an interactive FAQ.

Staff can use these standalone tablets on the payment desks to check availability of products in different colours, shapes or sizes whilst staff in the store rooms and warehouses can check locations of different items and total quantities.

One massive advantage that both of these products have, is the ability to boost underperforming products. Products that may have been otherwise overlooked or product campaigns that haven’t flourished, can be promoted and featured on these multimedia displays bringing your customers attention to them, potentially generating revenue from these products.

You can decide at any point which products you want to feature, so that during certain seasons you can capitalise on products that you think are useful to your customers at that time. Additionally, you can highlight any promotions that you have on, and once again can use incentives to promote products that otherwise struggle to sell. 

There are many different advantages to using Multimedia Displays, whether your aim is to increase sales, reduce wait times or create a smooth order process – multimedia displays offer you a number of benefits that traditional displays of information cannot. We provide multimedia displays here at Andesign UK, to find out more give us a call on 0808 129 2272 or email us on