Key Uses of Digital Signage in a Retail Environment

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Key Uses of Digital Signage in Retail Environments

Digital signage has become a prominent feature of advertising in the 21st century, when we think of Piccadilly Circus in London or Times Square in New York – we immediately think of the bright lights and signs. The famous retail brands we know and love blazoned over iconic buildings in perhaps the busiest places in the world. In 2017 however, digital signage isn’t an exclusive luxury afforded to only the retail giants; many smaller businesses can take advantage of this method of advertisement and reap the benefits.

The various benefits of digital signage are as follows:

  1. Display Product or Menu Listings
  2. Boost Underperforming Products
  3. Entertain Waiting Visitors
  4. Helping Customers Find Their Way


  1. Display Product or Menu Listings

One great example of a retail giant utilising digital signage in store is McDonald’s. McDonald’s use something known as a multimedia kiosk within many of their restaurants, these wall mounted digital displays are interactive screens with an ordering system built in. Customers can walk into the restaurant, use the kiosk to click what food they want from the menu, and use a card/phone to pay for their meal. There are a number of benefits to such a system such as, reducing waiting times, relieving pressure on staff members and creating a quicker turnaround. You too can utilise this multimedia display in any customer facing business as a support system to staff and a method of increasing sales through faster and more efficient service.

  1. Boost Underperforming Products

If you’ve spent time designing a product or new range, and it hasn’t quite performed as you wanted; you may be looking for ideas of how to boost this product. In this scenario a multimedia kiosk could be very useful for you, placed in your store; you can look to promote such an item or any underperforming items in your range. How you promote your product can vary, whether you advertise it as a sale item, part of a package deal or an item running out of quantity – some form of digital sign could draw customers’ attention to help you sell this item.

  1. Entertain Waiting Visitors

During particular seasons of the year, your store may become increasingly busy, leading to longer wait times for customers, resulting in frustrated customers and stressed staff members. One remedy for this scenario is to invest in a digital display that can entertain customers that are queuing to pay. If you can entertain those in the queue, you can help to reduce customer frustration as the customer is occupied and perceived waiting time is shorter. Your staff would have a more manageable set of customers, and with increased customer satisfaction, comes an increased chance of those customers returning.

  1. Helping Customers Find Their Way

Have you ever entered a shop looking for something in particular but you just can’t locate it, and there isn’t a staff member to help? This is a common occurrence in customer facing shops, and one that can be detrimental if frustrated customers leave as a result. This is where interactive digital signage can come in as an interactive wayfinding or direction system, you can help your customers find what they’re looking for.

There a multiple benefits to using digital signage in a retail environment, these benefits can be used to improve the efficiency of your business as well as the customer satisfaction. At Andesign UK, we are at the forefront of new technologies, and as such offer great quality digital signage at affordable prices. Please, give us a call on 0808 129 2272 or email us on