Non-Digital Displays vs Digital Displays in an Indoor Environment

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Once your customer has entered your store, you want to make a visual impact that will lead them to buy from you. Well thought out adverts, promotions and artwork within your store can give the right impression to your customer.

As with outdoor advertising, there are two avenues you can go down when it comes to indoor displays. 1. Non-digital displays which will focus on posters, banners and catalogues. 2. Digital displays which compromises of multimedia kiosks, interactive displays and wayfinding systems.

What are non-digital displays?

Indoor forms of non-digital advertising are very prominent in shopping malls, arcades and entertainment venues. Well thought out signs and adverts can create an interest regarding your brand and any products you are promoting.

Benefits of non-digital

Versatility, and clever use of space are the biggest benefits of non-digital indoor displays. Spaces are usually less common and you need to be creative when looking to advertise indoors; think coasters that companies will advertise on at cafes, petrol nozzle heads with adverts on or branded floor mats within corner shops. The ability to advertise on these smaller, more awkward spaces offers you an advantage to advertise non intrusively but in areas that people will be exposed to.

What are digital displays?

Digital displays come in either LED or LCD, and provide vibrant displays such as images, moving graphics and videos. Indoor digital displays are something that has become more commonplace over the last few years; one of the more common examples would be chain restaurants employing an interactive ordering and payment system away from the main tills.

Benefits of digital signage

One of the benefits of digital displays indoors is the interactive element; for customers to find where they want to go or to check out product availability is a useful resource that can help relieve the pressure off of your staff. Additionally, you can have displays and play adverts, or promote certain products within your store – you could even sell advertiser space.

What’s right for you?

When you are going to choose one type of signage, it’s best to consider what you want to achieve with this type of signage and what impact it will have. As providers of both digital and non-digital displays we can guide you towards the products that will deliver the most impact for your business. To enquire, call our office line on 0808 129 2272 or give us an email at