Traditional Signage vs Digital Signage

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What is signage?

Whether you want something to differentiate your shop from other shops in the same block or to promote your products or services in a location that could reach potential customers; it would be beneficial to look into external signage. External signage comes in many forms, more common and recognisable forms are large billboards, street posters and light up order menus at restaurant drive throughs.

There are two avenues that you could follow when it comes to deciding which type of signage is more suitable for you. That being 1. Traditional display signage; such as posters, billboards and paper displays. 2. Digital signage; electronic billboards, interactive shop displays and interactive shopping mall wayfinding displays.

What is traditional signage?

Traditional forms of signage have been around for many years, and were the first forms of advertising. Posters on walls, advertising products, events and services were amongst the first adverts of modern society. Fast forward to today and many forms of traditional signage still hold strong, many billboards and shop signs for instance are made of material rather than something electronic.

Benefits of traditional signage

Perhaps the biggest benefit of more traditional signage is cost. Many products that are used in signs are mass produced; think plastic and card. Most of the cost when it comes to traditional signage is the space itself, and even then – having to lease space is reserved for very few forms of advertisement.

Another great benefit are the number of options available to you such as really small flyers to really large wall posters. You can utilise a combination of different traditional signage types in one campaign offering you a larger total audience.  

What is digital signage?

Digital signage became extremely popular over the turn of the 21st century, once synonymous with New York’s Times Square and Piccadilly Circus – these displays have now become available to many more companies in a variety of shapes and sizes. Think about lit up menus outside restaurants, or flashing text promoting a sale outside a shop; the world has taken to digital signage.

Benefits of digital signage

Digital signs have incredibly vibrant displays, using LED and LCD technology; beautiful images, videos and moving graphics will catch the eye of anyone passing by them. Digital displays are extremely vibrant at night, and stand out against any lamps or overhead lighting nearby.

Another great benefit is the versatility of these displays, they can display anything you want when you want. So from brand awareness, to item promotion to general incentives such as discounts and multi-buys, you can adjust your campaign.

Conclusion – what’s right for you?

Choosing your type of signage depends upon your goals and brand image, we are able to help you decide which form of signage would be best. With our extensive experience in this sector and proven results, we can sit down and pick out the best avenues for your marketing campaign. At Andesign we offer both traditional signage and digital signage, enquire by calling us on 0808 129 2272 or emailing us at