Unexpected Uses of Digital Signage

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Digital signage is everywhere, from billboards to storefronts to instore kiosks to backroom tablets; whether interactive or simply display – it has a massive effect on business and society as a whole. There are however, some rather unexpected uses for digital signage; we’ll explore the more unusual instances where digital signage has made a strong impact.

Arcade games have long been a prominent form of entertainment, ranging from family friendly Mario Racing games to more grown up classics such as Crisis and Resident Evil. One weekend, a member of our team stumbles across this adaption of Space Invaders, this unique version of the game was being played on LED Panel technology; the same panels that go into digital display signage.  Such technology made a vibrant display and smoother gaming experience when playing the reminiscent arcade classic. A number of arcade games can be adapted using LED Panel technology, and if your business has any form of game, or display; LED Panels can provide you a unique, vibrant option.  

When people think of signage, immediately they think of displays in front of them in store fronts, above shops of high street walls. But digital signage can be below, animated digital flooring is a brilliant way to advertise indoors. Samsung brilliantly showcased the visual impact of animated digital flooring at their Galaxy 8 Launch with incredible design seamlessly flowing from the wall to the floor. Samsung also intelligently utilised the space for additional text during more informative parts of the presentation. Within the context of your business, think about spaces where you can promote any product designs or increase user interaction with text/images.

If you own a business which offers entertainment or you have a dance area; animated dance floors could provide you with a great floor space which to light up your entertainers and encourage customers to dance. Digital signage is not limited to commercial use, people have installed elements of digital signage into their homes; one popular example are animated bedroom ceilings. LED ceilings made of larger tiles with light emitting diodes in a variety of colours can set different tones to a room.

Those or only a few examples of the many unexpected uses of digital signage, if you have seen any unique uses of digital signage, be sure to write to us; with the image on Facebook , for a chance to be featured on our page!

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