Freestanding Digital Signage

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Freestanding Digital Displays offer all of the advantages digital signage has to offer with the added advantage of being a self-contained portable signage solution. With no additional hardware required to operate our Freestanding Digital Displays only require a power source and can be updated via WiFi or USB Storage.

Popular applications for Freestanding Digital Signage include shopping centres, retail outlets, hotel foyers, cinema lobbies and corporate office buildings where wall mounted signage is unsuitable. Freestanding units are extremely versatile and can be taken to exhibitions and trade shows making them an essential part of any event kit.

Freestanding Digital Kiosks are also available as touch screen giving the ability to use fully interactive multi-touch content allowing users to browse websites or even use a touch screen ordering tool.

  • Freestanding Digital Signage
  • Freestanding Digital Signage